Bluetooth Speaker


  • LED Cube With Bluetooth Speaker
    • Output Power: 5W * 1
    • Size: 15*15cm
    • Weight: 1000g
    • Charge Input: 5V

Product Details

LED Cube With Bluetooth Speaker
• Output Power: 5W * 1
• Size: 15*15cm 
• Weight: 1000g 
• Charge Input: 5V
• Battery: 2000 mAh
• IPX4 Waterproof
Material:PE plastic (White finish)
RGB color changing with the rthythm of music,
RGB LED,colours:(Red,Yellow, Green,Cyan,Blue,Violet,White)
USB rechargeable system including 22keys multifunction remote control
Two or more speakers can connected via BT to play music synchronously
More size : 20*20cm, 25*25cm, 30*30cm