• Bluetooth Speaker
    The bluetooth connection replaces the audio equipment connected to traditional wire rods, and is connected to Bluetooth mobile devices such as mobile tablet PCs and notebooks, which is convenient and quick.
  • Headphone
    From the perspective of the development of the entire audio industry, wireless headsets are still nascent things. The development time is not long, and it is still in an ascending period. User demands are constantly rising,
  • Mobile Phone Accessories
    All kinds of gadgets around the mobile phone, to see if you are all? With the gradual improvement of the material level, people's lives gradually become intelligent, mobile phones have become an essential equipment for people.

Company Profile
Yisheng industrial (HK) Ltd. was established in 2008, at that time our main factory is located in Dongguan. We have dedicated on designing and manufacturing innovative high-tech products of computer peripherals, accessories, and various consumer electronics products to the market, including speaker, Bluetooth earphone, mouse, joystick, and mobile power bank ... etc.


  • YS-G01 & YS-G02
    EL Light Glasses
    Party Mash with high Brightness
    to Light up your Part... more
  • YS-E50
    Enceinte Ellipse Bluetooth Speaker
    Altavoz Elipse Bluetooth
    • Output ... more
  • YS-804
    Wireless charging with Bluetooth Speaker
    • Bluetooth Version: V4.2
    •... more